Tuition Info & Pricing

Classes run continuously from September thru June. Tuition is divided into 4 quarterly payments and is based upon a 38-40 week season

Quarter 1

Quarter 2

Quarter 3

Quarter 4

Tuition payment is due the first week of the quarter and a $10 late fee is also due if not paid by the 3rd week.

Class Prices

30 Minute Class = $50 

45 Minute Class = $75 

1Hour Class = $100

Pricing discounts are based on the total number of hours (per week) your child/family is registered for and are applied after checkout

Paying online for classes results in an additional processing fees that are automatically subtracted from the total discount

If you are taking only one 30 minute class or only one 45 minute class you have to add either the '30 Min Class Online Fee' or '45 Min Class Online Fee' found at the top of the Schedule page

1 Hour

$10 Off

1¼ Hours

$20 Off

1½  Hours

$ 30 Off

1¾ Hours

$40 Off

2 Hours

$50 Off

2¼ Hours

$60 Off

2½  Hours

$ 70 Off

2¾ Hours

$80 Off

3 Hours

$90 Off

3¼ Hours

$100 Off

3½  Hours

$ 110 Off

3¾ Hours

$120 Off

4 Hours

$125 Off

Unlimited Individual


($309 Online)

Unlimited Family


($397 Online)



No refunds are made once classes have begun, medical reasons are the only exception (a doctor’s note is required).

Initial payment and registration fee must accompany registration. Missed classes may be made up within a comparable class if desired, but CANNOT be credited to future lessons. Making up lessons is the responsibility of the student. You will be notified only if the class you requested is filled or there is a problem. Class size is small, so sign up early to avoid disappointment!

Referrals: Refer a new student to The DanceXpress and receive $10 off your next tuition, with that student’s paid registration! (Unlimited)

Private lessons: Available upon request for students already registered in a class.

Prices: $11 per ½ hour ($22/hour) plus (+) teacher’s fee.(ex: ½ hour = $11 + $15 teacher’s fee total cost is $26)

Teacher’s Fee is determined individually by each Teacher.   

Tuition Late Fee
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