Loose, baggy clothing is not allowed in any class. This includes T-shirts, sweat shirts, sweat pants, pajama pants, etc. Students wearing inappropriate clothing will be asked to sit down.  Teachers must be able to see body alignment, muscles, and posture. Hair must be up; secured off the face and neck.  This allows the head freedom of movement. No watches or jewelry: they are a distraction & can snag clothing.

Absolutely NO street shoes are allowed in the dance room. Dance shoes must not be worn outside! Label your belongings, including shoes. We are not responsible for
lost items.

Requirements: To enter an intermediate level class the student must complete a minimum of 2 years of beginning level class. To enter an advanced level class the student must complete a minimum of 3 years of intermediate level class. Students may request Teacher’s Consent at any time, to enter any class; however, consent will be given at the teacher’s discretion. To dance in the June recital students must be registered in class by the 1st quarter or 2nd quarter. This means before December 1st. New students registering in December WILL NEED SPECIAL PERMISSION to dance in the recital.

Although the recital is not a requirement and is completely optional, it is highly recommended as an excellent educational tool and dance experience.