Flamenco Expresivo is dedicated to bringing  Folkloric Spanish Dance, Classical Spanish Dance, and Flamenco to a wide variety of audiences.  Our main focus, Flamenco, is a genre of music and dance that draws its inspiration from the human condition.  The percussive rhythms of the feet in contrast with the passion and grace of the upper body personify the struggles of the soul and make Flamenco a truly unique art form.

We are dedicated to sharing our love for Spanish Dance and related arts as well as promoting appreciation and participation in these arts. In addition, we strive to serve as an artistic outlet for people of all ages and abilities by providing  opportunities for them to learn, perform,  collaborate, and create. 


Although the heartbeat of Flamenco is in southern Spain, its origins come from a convergence of various cultural traditions. Nomadic tribes from northern India traveled throughout the east and Europe, eventually settling in Andalucía where their music and dance were further influenced by the local traditions.  Eventually it saw influence from the New World as well.  Flamenco continues to be an evolving art form, borrowing elements from Jazz music, modern dance, and current fashions.

Flamenco Expresivo is available for school assemblies, parties, and private or public events.  We will be happy to tailor a package to fit your needs. Rates are negotiable and dependent upon the type of program desired, amount of travel involved, and length of program. 

Flamenco Expresivo Dance Ensemble, in residence at the DanceXpress in Arlington Heights, IL, is a 501(c)(3)not-for-profit organization offering performances, demos, and workshops in Spanish Dance.